A national network of speakers and trainers

Communicating for change

Giving the silent a voice

is a not-for-profit social enterprise

committed to providing training and development to

audiences usually excluded from access to them.


helps people develop their communication 

and social skills to:

bulletpresent their case
bulletexplain what they need
bulletachieve their aims
bulletmake things happen
bulletdevelop their potential
bulletempower them for citizenship

Our Core Principles


Speaking from the heart

Our speakers and trainers:

bulletspeak with conviction and integrity
bullethave a story to tell
bulletencourage others to change through example
bulletbelieve passionately in what they say
bulletengage the audience


Confidence in Presentation

Our speakers and trainers:


make learning fun and exciting


have the expertise to adapt to the needs of their audiences


Self Knowledge

Our speakers and trainers:


have a deep knowledge of their subject


are perceived as authorities


encourage the mutual respect that inspires others to learn while recognising their need to keep learning themselves.

Further information and bookings:

For information please contact info@speakersbank.co.uk


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