Robin May

Adaptable and naturally entrepreneurial Robin welcomes situations requiring quick changes to direction of thought. Being innovative, creative, and a problem solver, he finds them stimulating and a vehicle for motivating others. His experience, interpersonal and group facilitating skills generate enthusiasm and commitment in those with whom he interacts in a training and mentoring role.  He has employed these skills in the music field for more than 20 years.

Becoming a trainer in the late 1980s, he has specialised in Communication, Personal Development and Parenting since 1994, receiving training and mentoring experience with the Life Training Organisation. Being a single parent and step parent had added personal experience and insight to the 1998 training he received from Parentline Plus.

Areas of Expertise


Personal Development




Designing and Delivering Training in:

        - Emotional Intelligence

        - Self Esteem Enhancement

        - Motivation and Living Purposefully

        - Volunteer Recruitment and Selection

        - Communication

        - Managing Change 



Current Role


Training Consultant, A M Training (sole providers of UK wide professional volunteer management training)


Piloting Parenting Workshops as part of Blueprint Scheme (Home Office Funded project involving 29 schools)


Self Employed Web Designer


Musician/Music Tutor


Other Relevant Experience


Problem solving, liaising and establishing relationships across social boundaries for 10 years in a commercial electronics organisation


Owned and operated a professional music recording studio for 5 years (required use of skills in helping people establish and focus upon their goals)



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