Robin works with individuals and teams to find and release their creative energies - and then to shape a strategy with matched objectives that translate those energies into results.

His experience tells him that 'life events' can trigger these opportunities for individuals or for teams.  He is convinced that powerful forces of creativity stir in times of crisis (personal or organisational), and when we are coping with the challenges of change.

For individuals there can be many powerful personal experiences which 'light up the hero button' - rediscovering the 'playful child within'; finding the crossover between our internal paradoxes; the birth of a child; an act of forgiveness.  The button 'lights up', but needs pressing.

For teams, the trigger might be the realisation of a new product or service opportunity; stimulus from a new competitor; or simply recognition that team synergy delivers added value.  The opportunity presents itself, but needs to be recognised and grasped.

Robin's skills and achievements result from professional experience: as an interpersonal skills trainer; in career and outplacement counselling; and by managing, in blue chip companies, employee and partner communication campaigns that deliver business vision and mission.

In the voluntary sector Robin has been active for many years with Mencap, Samaritans and Toastmasters International.

Areas of Expertise

bulletInter-personal skills training for individuals and teams
bulletFacilitating goal and mission setting
bulletCoaching in public speaking and presentation skills
bulletPersonal counselling
bulletEmployee communication campaign management
bulletWriting speeches, by commission, for keynote speakers
bulletDesigning employee communication/attitude survey research surveys


Current Roles

bulletCommunication freelance business: "Speak-Write" 
bulletFounding President of Solent Speakers Club (launched December 2002)
bulletProviding PR advice to community organisations (including Fareham Citizens' Advice Bureau)



bulletB.A. (Economics & French) Lancaster
bulletFCIPD (Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development)
bulletMBC (Member of the British Association of Communications in Business)
bulletATMb (Advanced Toastmaster, Bronze)


Not-for-Profit Work


Mencap (Havant & District Society) - Team counsellor and fundraiser, late 80s


Co-Workers of Mother Teresa - outreach and fundraising late 80s - early 90s


Volunteer Samaritan volunteer and branch trainer for 10 years


Speaking for Mencap, Samaritans, Friends of the Earth, and Canine Partners


Toastmasters International (since 1988) - founding and developing three Speakers Clubs.



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